The concrete sleeper and turnout bearer factory consists of 8 indoor long line pre-stressing beds with quadruple instant moulds for concrete sleeper and 1 bed of 2 single instant moulds with matrices for concrete turnout bearer.
  • 6 beds for metre gauge sleeper, each of 61-4 gang moulds

  • 2 beds for dual purpose 61-4 fang moulds for metre gauge sleeper or 48-4 gang moulds for standard gauge sleeper

  • 1 bed for turnout bearer equipped with continuous moulds of 124 metres, matrices, casting machine, demoulding and cutting machine

Production Capacity

Metre Gauge Sleeper 1,464-1,952 sleepers per day 439,200-585,600 sleepersper year*
Standard Gauge Sleeper 384 sleepers per day 115,200 sleeper per year*
Turnout Bearer 2 sets in 3 days 200 sets per year*

*Calculated with 300 working days
- The 50% of increase in capacity can be conducted by means of working in 2 shifts per day.

    Stacking Yard
  • Capacity 120,000 sleepers

  • 2 gantry cranes for stacking and loading the sleepers onto railway wagons or other means of transport

  • Several units of water sprinkler for concrete curing

  • Workshop and store are equipped with spare parts, materials, tools and machines for efficient maintenance and repair of production machines.

    Laboratory Equipment
  • 1 3000 KN. concrete compression testing machine with 200 KN. concrete bending tester

  • 1 500 KN. sleeper static loading tester

  • 1 500 KN. dynamic repeated loading tester

  • 1 Sieve analysis set for sand and aggregates

  • 1 Laboratory mixer and accessories for concrete mix design and sampling
  • 1 Set for physical property determinations of sand and aggregates

Special tests are performed at the Asian Institute of Technology (AIT), Structural Engineering and Construction Laboratory.

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